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For most people, moving to a new city isn’t easy. In addition to finding a place to live, there are other factors, such as getting to know the new area. Colorado Springs, Colorado real estate agent Lauren Stadjuhar understands this and does her best to help her clients through the transition.

“Buying a home can be overwhelming even when you’re just moving down the road,” Lauren says. “Moving to a different city takes it to a whole new level. There’s so much that someone who’s relocating doesn’t know. What’s the crime rate in different areas around the city? What schools are going to fit their family’s needs? What are the shopping and dining options? Before you buy a home you need to know the area you’re thinking about moving to. As a real estate agent I can help with this.”

In her years of experience as a real estate specialist Lauren has helped countless people through the home buying process. She does her best to be available to her clients at all times, ready to promptly answer her questions and address their concerns. Lauren believes that quality customer service is one of the most important parts in any transaction. “I make a point to always pick up my phone unless I’m with a client.”

“When it comes to real estate the clients needs come first,” Lauren says. “I always put the needs of the home buyer before anything else. I know how important it is to live in a home you love. After all, it’s the place where you spend most of your time. I work with my clients until they’re able to find a place they’re sure of.”

Lauren keeps her website,, updated at all times. There she provides prospective home buyers with a launching pad for their transactions. Lauren hopes that anyone thinking of purchasing a home in the Colorado Springs area considers her to be their real estate agent.

“I know what goes into the real estate process,” Lauren says. “During the time I’ve spent in the industry I’ve learned all the ins and outs. I know the local market, I know how to negotiate, I know how to evaluate a home. With me in your corner you can rest easy during your transaction. I’ll make sure you’re able to get the results that you want.”